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Bio Fertilizers

A biofertilizer (also bio-fertilizer) is a substance which contains living microorganisms which, when applied to seeds, plant surfaces, or soil, colonize the rhizosphere or the interior of the plant and promotes growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the host plant.

Sirsa Agro Biotech

Soil Re Charger

Gypsum is calcium sulfate, a naturally occurring mineral. It has been touted as beneficial for breaking up compact soil, especially clay soil. ... One of the main uses of gypsum is to remove excess sodium from the soil and adding calcium.

Sirsa Agro Biotech

Plant Growth Regulator

Triacontanol is a fatty alcohol of the general formula C₃₀H₆₂O, also known as melissyl alcohol or myricyl alcohol. It is found in plant cuticle waxes and in beeswax. Triacontanol is a growth stimulant for many plants, most notably roses, in which it rapidly increases the number of basal breaks.

Sirsa Agro Biotech

Sulphur Fertilizers

Elemental sulfur is the most concentrated form of sulfur. However, it must be oxidized to the sulfate form before plants can use it.  Binding agents include sodium bentonite, sodium sulfate, calcium sulfate (gypsum), and calcium lignosulfate or combinations of these.

Sirsa Agro Biotech

Wetting Agent

Silicon Super Spreader is a superior wetting agent , developed to improve the wetting , spreading and penetration of chemicals . ...Silicon super spreader is a specially formulated product possesing a low molecular weight non-ionic silicon polyether surfactant.

Sirsa Agro Biotech

Bio Pesticide

Biopesticides are certain types of pesticides derived from such natural materials as animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals. For example, canola oil and baking soda have pesticidal applications and are considered biopesticides.

Bio Fertilizers

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Sirsa Agro Biotech Pvt. Ltd. - an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company specializing in Agro Stimulants, was established in 2017, under the brilliant guidance and leadership of our Managing Director, Mr. Mahesh Rana Since its inception, the company has been actively involved in the production and supply of excellent quality Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides. 

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